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In spite of being an Islam country, Turkey has a great variety of cultural richness. The Turks are bound to their traditions, and %99 of the people living in Turkey are Muslim.
The population and culture accordingly in Kusadasi are very various, as because of being a touristic resort the Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Bookingcity is inhabited by the locals, Turks from other regions of Turkey and many foreigners living there with their families, working or just having bought their own holiday house in Kusadasi.

Being in Kusadasi or general in Turkey you should know that:

- %80 of the people read and write.

- %99 of the people are Muslim.

- Religious and governmental works are separated.
Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Booking
- Clothing in Turkey may differ region to region. Chic and smart clothing in the cities, changes to a country styled clothing in small towns and villages of Anatolia. Clothing is rather free in touristic centers of Turkey like Kusadasi. While being in Kusadasi, you may feel free to put on short and open clothes. It is necessary to say that there is no religious rule for clothing. Some women wear scarf and rare radical Muslims in some regions - rarely in touristic towns, although it is not a regularity.

- In the middle Anatolia, instead of the parent-child families, there are mostly large and crowded families.

- In ceremonies and special days, people visit oldies as respect.
Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Booking
- Instead of going out, visiting a neighbor is more common in Turkey.

- Traditional Turkish groceries - "Bakkal" is to found in every street of Kusadasi and they are still important and favored, even there are larger supermarkets.

-Kebabs are very popular- Doner kebab is the most preferred among Turks. Do not miss the chance to taste it!

- Weekend picnics are very popular for Turkish families. As Turkish people love eating, barbeque is a must in picnics.
Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Booking
- Nearly in every meal, you will always see a salad with different kinds of vegetables.

- Bread and water are the main dishes in the table in every meal.

- Men, mostly the retired, go to Turkish Coffee Houses. Coffee house culture is very popular, especially in small towns and villages, also in Kusadasi. In these coffee houses, backgammon, cards and other table games are played in common. It is unusual for women to go these coffee houses. Walking in Kusadasi you will note this peculiarity of Turkish culture.

- Tea is the most popular drink of Turkish people. The Turks drink it at breakfast, in Coffee Houses, in the afternoon, almost all day.
Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Booking
- Turkish Coffee is a traditional drink. Sometimes, after drinking the Turkish coffee, the Turks make it upside down and when it cools, we look for the fortune.

- Yogurt is the main sauce for Turks in all meals. It is eaten in every meal like salad. Ayran that is made from yogurt and water is the popular summer drink.

- While eating out, fish restaurants are preferred. A variety of daily fresh fish is available. You will find many of them especially in the Kusadasi harbour.

- National Park is great for the weekend holidays in where both picnic and swimming are available.

- The meeting area for Kusadasi people on special days and ceremonies is near the sea in front of Kusadasi People, Kusadasi Life Style, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi Online Bookingthe Ataturk Statue.

- The general kitchen shopping is done in Friday public market. It is possible to find small kitchen tools beside vegetables, fruits and textile.


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