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Kusadasi Festivals
More than 100 festivals are organized in Turkey every year. Along with the local festivals organized in almost every city of the country, international culture and art festivals are also held in major cities such asKusadasi Festivals, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi General Information Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Istanbul is the most important centre of international culture and art festivals and sponsored festivals.

The most important and interesting festivals in Kusadasi and around are:

Kirazli Cherry Festival
The good produce of sour cherry and cherry and giving the importance to these fruits, caused the name of one of the village - Kirazli (cherry) Village.

Suitable to name "KRAZLI (CHERRY LAND) Cherry Festivals began to be held from 1975; during these festivals beauty contests were organized, and cherry production was inspired. Recently Cherry Festivals areKusadasi Festivals, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi General Information delayed because of economical problems for now.

Altin Guvercin Music Festival)
Kusadasi Golden Dove Music Competition, one of Turkey's traditional competition in the field of pop music. Gold Pigeon Music Festival is a popular contest for amateur and professional Turkish musicians and interesting with its funny shows and concerts, performed on the last week of June.

Contains a pleasant musical journey of his life since the competition yesterday. Kusadasi Festival organizing committee, assessing the quality of the festival and the traditional closing dinner of a competition to create the future organization of Kusadasi not only be beneficial for all of Turkey expressed his faith.
Kusadasi Festivals, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi General Information
Planned music contest "composition-heavy" a symbol of peace and pigeons that were approved for competition inspired by the name "Golden Dove" respectively. TURKER organization responsible for the beginning of 1986 Rizal, through extensive research and studies the contribution of lawyers advisors "Golden Dove Music Competition" of the substance of up to 60 sample specification prepared today.

Terms of the way the organization of many music shows in Turkey, the Golden Pigeon, amateur and professional musicians will participate in the competition as told by the conditions of competition, also warn them about their rights.

Concerts at Celsius Library Ephesus
During the International Izmir Festival in summer a lot of concerts are arranged, some concerts are held in Ephesus at Celsius Library within the scope of Festival. Located at Selcuk, Izmir, the library whichKusadasi Festivals, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi General Information was build between AD 115 and 117 during the Roman times is two-storied. It is estimated that it housed 12.500 books once upon a time. The world known artists take part in these concerts - pianists, artists of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. Tickets Available at www.biletix.com.

Camel Wrestling Festival
The interesting Camel Wrestling Festival is performed in Selcuk-20km north of Kusadasi, in January every year.
In Selcuk, 20 minutes from the resort of Kusadasi, a Camel Wrestling Festival is held annually in January, usually the Sunday around the 20th, up to 20,000 people attend. The festival coincides with the Camels breeding season and thus is not seen at any other time of the year. The action starts around late morning but the crowds arrive earlier for a choice of view. For any kind of good seat the earlier you go the more choice of seat location. It is filling up briskly even at 9 am. Even if it is sunny and bright, it will probably also Kusadasi Festivals, Kusadasi Information, Kusadasi General Informationbe muddy and cold (it is mid-winter after all). It may even rain. Attendees are urged to prepare for all of these with very warm clothing and umbrellas.

Kusadasi Sister Cities Festival
During the dates 14-17 October 2010 Kusadasi Municipality and the Kusadasi Mayor Mr. M. Esat Altungun have organized for the first time Kusadasi Sister Cities Festival under the patronage of WAFA (The World Association of Festivals and Artists). The aim of the festival was to promote the good relationships between Kusadasi and its sister cities with music and arts. Delegations and artists from different cities from all over the world came together hand in hand for friendship and understanding. During the festival there were Turkish nights, folklore shows, ceremonies, exhibitions and city tours and concerts.


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